Frank Speight once chased the big city he now calls home

Frank Speight, 36, has been living in Nashville for the last 18 years. Fresh out of Goldsboro High School in North Carolina, Frank moved to Nashville to chase the big city life.

Upon arriving, Frank bounced around a few jobs before settling in at a subcontracted professional cleaning company that works in some of the big buildings downtown.

Three months ago, he left the cleaning company and joined the Goodwill team on Herman Street as a distribution associate.

“It’s a lot better than cleaning,” he said then laughed.


Frank said he loves how diverse Nashville is becoming. He loves the people and the friendly culture but said he would like to see community leaders do more for people of lower incomes on an issue like affordable housing.

“Nashville is home,” he said, adding he couldn’t see himself living anywhere else. “The community as a whole is good but it definitely has its pockets where it needs to grow,” he said

Single and without children, when Frank has time to himself he likes to read or go to the movies.

“My favorite book is John Grisham’s A Time to Kill,” he said. “I like because it takes place in the South and deals with race relations, and that’s such an important issue.”

When I asked Frank what he thought of race relations in Nashville he said he believed the city had its own fair share of race problems, but it was not as bad compared to others parts of the country.

“We can always work on race relations. It’s one of those things you can never get too good at,” he said. “I would suggest a good place for people to begin is to get to know more people outside of their race.”

He said being engaged in the community and being friends with people who look different than you can go a long way to making this place better.

Frank said he’s happy where he is right now. He said in the future, he wants to climb the ladder and get into management at Goodwill but knows it’s a process.

“One thing at a time,” he said.

 Thanks for reading. Cheers Nashville!