Catching Up with Sydni Gause One Year Later

Can you believe it’s been a year since we sat down with our first Neat Nashville feature, Sydni Gause?!

We thought we’d catch back up with her and see what she’s up to.

Sydni, who now lives in the Nashville suburb of Franklin, said this last year has been super busy for her as she’s been primarily working on building her sculpture portfolio.

She said with that, she’s tried to focus and extend her creative research in understanding different modes of making art.

The artist told us she sat down and wrote a list of questions that she didn’t necessarily have the answers to, like why does she create and what’s the driving force that fuels her creative process?

“Over the year, I was able to hone in on these topics. I realized that making art about places, people, and culture is important thing to me. I care about sharing my interpretation of community.”

Her newest work, Florida Lottery, is a sculpture exhibition in response to Central Florida and the visual culture that is heavily influenced by tradition. Most of the objects hold representations of a manicured reality, something that references history, religious iconography, and social ideologies.

Florida Lottery is about a specific place and the people that inhabit the area,” she said.

Sydni said she wanted to create art in response to culture as an artifact or symbol based on advertisement and the psychology behind it.

“I think it’s important for people to share different cultures with other people. We are a part of the South, but there is a part of Florida that’s got another look and aesthetic. It’s important to showcase that to other communities.”

Through artifacts and objects she used liked pink flamingos, AstroTurf, and white picket fences, Sydni said she hopes to call attention to Southern subculture contradictions.

“It’s about a manicured reality and the fake façades,” she said.

“Every creative person is ultimately creating another artifact of our race, our culture and what we’re doing here. My work is a visual representation of my thoughts and my research.”

Sydni’s work will be on display as a part of the Art Crawl, March 5th at Channel to Channel Gallery from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The artist said she’s super stoked for Nashville’s visual arts community.

“It’s growing at a faster speed, and that’s an exciting thing for local artists,” she said. “The art crawls and artist talks around town promote networking and giving people an opportunity to see local artists show their heart and soul.”

The artist said in the future she wants to dive more into her creative practice, continue to do work surrounding diverse subcultures and start interviewing members of communities.

“I think gaining access to people and their culture will only fuel the work even more,” she said. “Hearing a response from fellow studio mates, and other artists will help me decide where to take the next step. Whatever it is, I look forward to it.”


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