Vinit Modi’s Travels and Experiences Taught Him to Remain Humble

Vinit Modi, 30, grew up in India.

After finishing his undergraduate in India, he went on to pursue a graduate degree in the United States. In April of 2011, he graduated from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona with a Master’s degree in international business.

While in school, he traveled to over 12 different countries including France, the Czech Republic, and Costa Rica to study their business approach.

Once he was done with school, he thought he’d go back to India, but something about the bright lights of New York City kept calling him.

“I intended to go back to India, but I was like you know what, let’s get to Manhattan for a while. It’s always been a city I’ve dreamed of. So I went and never looked back,” he said.

Vinit lived and worked in Manhattan for nearly five years before making a move to Nashville in May of 2015.

Vinit now works with Hospital Corporation of America, or HCA, as a product analysis in terms of providing enhanced care regarding patient experience coming to the hospital.


 Vinit picked up photography as a hobby as he traveled with his graduate program.

Visiting places all over the world, he said his experiences learning about businesses and people were amazing.

“The utmost thing I’ve learned from all of my travel experiences is to be humble,” he said. “I’ve observed that there is beauty in everything. Everything. There are so many things in life that you have to be thankful for.”

He said a lot of the things people take for granted like having two hands, two eyes and a place to sleep and food to eat can easily get ignored in the day-to-day stress of life. Vinit said by going to new places and living with people, and sharing what he had in his head, he made himself a better human being.

“I learned about people. I learned about how people comprise and live with what they have. At times it was so much less than what we have and they’re still happy,” he said.

Along with being well traveled, Vinit speaks four languages: Hindi, English, Urdu, and a native state language in India.

When he was younger you used to write a lot of poetry. Lately, he’s been trying to match his visual concepts of photography with his literary love in captions on his Instagram photos.

“I try to put some life to my photos. If I’m doing something, I try to attach a purpose to it and give it meaning. You learn with experience. You learn with travel. If you roam around enough you’re going to meet new people, and that’s what gives you perspective in life.”

From photography, Vinit has been able to meet people and growth, both in his hobby and in life. He said life in Manhattan was so rushed whereas in Nashville things seem to be more balanced.

“In India, the diversity is in the people and the culture with so many different languages and dialects and over 330 million gods. In the U.S., it’s the same way with landscapes. There’s so much variety.”

Vinit started posting pictures of Nashville on his Instagram account. Fond of landscape and cityscape photos, he has gained quite a following and has even had people reach out to him to use his photos.

“If you are putting something in your home or on your website that’s probably the biggest reward I get,” he said. “That’s something I’ve gotten from my travel experiences, and that’s the human being I’ve made of myself.”

He said photography gives him peace and lets him freely admire the beauty around him.


 Moving to Manhattan right after finishing his Master’s degree, Vinit said he fell in love with the big city and the fast pace of New York. But everything has its time, and when he and his girlfriend at the time decided to get married, they wanted something different.

“She didn’t want to live in an 800 square foot apartment in Manhattan and pay that amount of rent. So she told me to come check out Nashville.”

His then girlfriend, now wife, had just moved to Nashville from Austin, Texas. After almost five years in New York City, he made to move down south to join her in May of 2015.

“Tennessee was a state I’d never been to so I was keen on roaming around and exploring,” he said. “People step out to get into this kind of beauty in nature. That was the trigger for me and that made me realize this was a place a could call home.”

Amazed by the food, music, and beauty, Vinit said the health care industry hub also pulled him to resettle in Nashville. He previously worked in the health care industry in India and having that as a focus in his graduate program made the decision easy.

Vinit and his wife own a house in southeast Nashville and said the past two years have been kind to them.

“People are kind,” he said. “In terms of photography, I like to go out and take pictures. I’m not going to leave my house without my camera. My wife is the same way. We make sure to have extra time in case we need to pull over to take a picture. This place is just that beautiful.”


For Vinit, a community is about bringing people and resources together for the greater good.

“Recently my wife just met with some people in the Indian community which has a lot of sub-communities from each state, and everyone wanted to talk about the homeless situation in Nashville.”

Vinit said the Indian communities want to create a process where they could provide the homeless with shelter or blankets for the winter season. He said his wife had taken a real interest in that and how she can get all the small communities together to make one.

“If everyone is doing something on their own, the impact isn’t that big, but if everyone comes together then that’s when you see big results and achieve goals.”

“You need people who can approach it in a way to get people and resources together. Some people just have good ideas, and some people just have the resources needed. We’ve got to get those people together.”

Vinit hopes to use his business background and his MBA skill sets to try to achieve the goal of getting people together at the right place and the right time.

“The biggest advantage our community has is that it’s growing and it’s small, but it’s close-knitted,” he said. “Nashville is one of the places where small growth and a small community can do so much, and I think that’s because people love it here.”

Vinit said he’s never seen so many Instagram profiles for one city. It fascinates him that there are so many people who think of Nashville and take pride in calling this city home.

Like many others, Vinit also has his concerns about the infrastructure in Nashville.

“Because of my family background, I’ve done that business and I’ve been in construction,” he said. In India, the Modi’s own and run a construction company that builds flyover bridges.

While in New York, Vinit worked for the New York City Housing Department before jumping into health care.He said coming to Nashville, he felt the city wasn’t prepared for the amount of influx of people coming in.

“It’s going to take some time,” he said. One thing that he does see and that he does appreciate is that the city acknowledges the problems and is working toward improving them where they can.

Right now, Vinit is working on a kiosk project in HCA hospitals that limit the amount of waiting time for patients. He said Nashville is home for him now and wants to continue to travel and photograph the beauty of the U.S.

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