Brandon Alexander Hopes to Chase His Dream in a Familiar City

Brandon Alexander, 24, calls Nashville his second home.

“I do a lot of traveling between here and Huntsville, and I want to move up to Nashville for culinary school.”

Born and raised in Pulaski, Brandon still lives in the little town just over an hour’s drive south of Nashville. He graduated from Sparkman High School in Alabama, then went to Calhoun Community College for a little bit before deciding to join the workforce.

He said he liked growing up in the small town of Pulaski, but he’s ready to experience the big city life.

Brandon has been working for Chik-Fil-A for about six months now and said he does a little bit of everything there. Looking to take the next step, Brandon wants to move to Nashville to pursue culinary arts.

“When I’m in the kitchen – that’s where I’m able to get away and be in my own place. That’s what I love, and that’s why I’m passionate about.”

Brandon has a friend who owns the Stockyard Café in Pulaski and Bluebird Café in Nashville, so he’s able to help in the kitchen when he can.

He said working at Chik-Fil-A has given him a different type of involvement within the food service industry.

“It’s a good experience. I used to work at a restaurant as a server, so I like that I get to see a different side of the industry,” he said. “I’m not dealing with customers on the same level as much, but I do like the interaction with the guests.”

Brandon said the culture and the big city adventure is why people, like himself, want to move to Nashville.

“People come here to get away. The culture is diverse, and there’s so much to do here whether it’s food, travel, entertainment,” he said.

Brandon said he loves cooking Italian and New Orleans style Cajun foods.


“A community is the people we meet. It’s the people that come together and the people you build a relationship with.”

Brandon said an important part of a community is actively being involved and putting oneself out there to get to know others.

He said the community in Pulaski is a small town country feel.

“You have your country and hometown people there and then here you have more city and diversity,” he said. “I like it both. Sometimes I like getting away, so I come up to Nashville, and sometimes I like just hanging back so I stay in Pulaski.”

Brandon said he doesn’t have any concerns about the Nashville or Pulaski community, and said he sees the growth of both as a positive thing for the future.

He said his career, his family, and his friends matter the most to him right now in his life. The most to him in his life right now.

“Without that, I don’t really have a whole lot,” he said. “You’ve got to surround yourself with somebody.”

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