Neat Nashville is a website and an organization committed to telling the stories of the wonderful people in this city who make it all work. This space is dedicated to the countless individuals who do tremendous work for others, for themselves and for a future we all share.

Every Thursday at noon we highlight a different individual in a feature article. We tell their history with Nashville, how they arrived where they are and their concerns for the city moving forward.

Neat Nashville focuses on people and where they are right now in their lives, their journey and their future. From doctors to baristas to students to artist and politicians, the purpose of this space is to show all the different type of people who make this city what it is: a progressive community for people to come and live, to create and work and enjoy the company of others.

It is the vision of Neat Nashville to be a place where people can see others doing well in the community. Neat Nashville seeks to be a place where people can share their dreams, hopes; a place where people can be embraced by a city they call home.

The hope is that this space will encourage people to speak to strangers in elevators, strike up a conversation with the person at the post office, or say hi to the neighbor the whole block knows they’re crushing on. Neat Nashville was created to inspire good change in the local community, to help those who need help, and be a force of unity.

To suggest neat features or to find out how to get involved with us, click on the contact link at the top left corner of the page.

Thank you for your support, Nashville.