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Brandon Alexander Hopes to Chase His Dream in a Familiar City

Brandon Alexander, 24, calls Nashville his second home.

“I do a lot of traveling between here and Huntsville, and I want to move up to Nashville for culinary school.”

Born and raised in Pulaski, Brandon still lives in the little town just over an hour’s drive south of Nashville. He graduated from Sparkman High School in Alabama, then went to Calhoun Community College for a little bit before deciding to join the workforce.

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Robbie Mezanava Excels in the Kitchen and in the Gym

Robbie Mezanava, 30, was born and raised in Los Angeles.

A first generation Mexican-American, he grew up watching Rambo movies and was always interested in fighting for the military.

After high school, Robbie enlisted into the army in 2004. A big water polo player as well, he made the ultimate decision to join the military instead of pursuing the sport and a full ride scholarship to the University of Southern California.

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Charles Hunter III Found a Way to Combine All of His Passions Into One

Charles Hunter, III, 30, said he’s just a guy passionate about food, creativity and people

After working years in the culinary industry, he found a way to combine his passions into an entrepreneurial endeavor of in-home personal catering.

Chef and owner of The Salted Table, Charles is taking his love of food to the tables and homes of Nashville and surrounding communities.