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For LeAnder, the Music is About the Experience

Together Logan Rhea, Andrew Hall, and Scott Anderle form LeAnder, a Nashville-based alternative rock band.

Logan is the bassist, the acting manager, and the booking agent. Andrew (not pictured above) is the band’s drummer and sound engineer, while Scott leads creatively as the singer/songwriter and marketing person.

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Jon Dragonette comes to Nashville for New Inspirations

Professional photographer Jon Dragonette, 37, grew up in a small town in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.

At 22, he moved to San Francisco for six years and then moved to Los Angeles for seven years until coming to Nashville last November.

“I grew up skateboarding, and that’s how I got into photography,” he said. “My mom wanted to be a photographer. I have a twin brother, and she had us when she was super young, so she had to put those dreams aside. When I was 13 or 14, she gave me a little 35 mm camera.”

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Zac Radford Plays with Heart and Passion

Zac Radford, 30, was born in St. Louis and grew up in Texas in between San Antonio and Austin. In 2003, his family moved to Brentwood, just south of Nashville.

After the move, he went on to finish high school and attend the University of Tennessee in Knoxville where he graduated in 2009. Over the last several years, Zac has been traveling off and on pursuing a PGA Tour. Having lived briefly in San Antonio and Orlando, he said he would always call Nashville home.

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Visual Artist Mary Mooney Breaks Away from the Rectangle

Mary Mooney, 30, is a visual artist born in Atlanta.

As a child, Mary said her father’s job would transfer him a lot, so she and her family moved around quite a bit. Her move to Nashville nearly five years ago marks the city as the longest place she’s ever lived.

“Even though I’m not from here and there is a whole new wave of people moving in, it does feel like this is home because this community has embraced me and all of my creative passions,” she said.

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The Story Continues with Thamarius Head

It’s been over a year since we last talked to Thamarius (You can read his last story here.)

Since then, he’s graduated and received an MBA degree from Western Governors University, a university sponsored by the State of Tennessee, and gotten started as an entrepreneur.

“It was a great initiative by Governor Haslam to bring something like that to Tennessee,” he said. “It’s given a lot of people in my own family a chance at school. It gave me an opportunity to an alternative to the traditional route.”

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Adrien Saporiti Believes in Nashville and a Better Community for Everyone

 Graphic designer, entrepreneur, and artist, Adrien Saporiti, 28, was born and raised in Nashville.

Growing up on the west side of town, he was always around the music industry and the arts. His mother was an artist and his father, now retired, was a record label executive at Warner Music Nashville from the 1970s until the 1990s.

“The city has certainly changed over time. When I was a kid, it seemed boring,” he said. “As a kid, you don’t culturally appreciate what Nashville is to the rest of the world. It was cool realizing all that as I got older.”

In 2006, Adrien graduated from University School of Nashville. He took a year break before going off to study music business in Boston at Berklee College of Music. Coming back home in 2010, his perspective on his city changed.

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Dave Ramsey is Inspired By His Community at Home and Around the World

Dave Ramsey, 55, was born in Antioch, a southeastern neighborhood in Nashville.

When he was younger, his parents owned a real estate company. He said that taught him how to work hard. Often times, his parents would make he and his sister listen to motivational tapes by people like Zig Ziglar and Earl Nightingale.

“Looking back, I see that a seed was planted,” he said in an email interview with Neat Nashville. “I grew to believe that when you have a dream, you have to do something to make it happen.”

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Lily Hansen Met Her Community through Collaborations

Lily Hansen, 29, originally from Chicago, moved to Nashville in 2012.

Growing up in a creative atmosphere, Lily started writing when she was 18. In college, she worked as a journalist and as an art critic for her school newspaper.

Graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2010, she said her experiences in the city were polarizing.

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Robbie Mezanava Excels in the Kitchen and in the Gym

Robbie Mezanava, 30, was born and raised in Los Angeles.

A first generation Mexican-American, he grew up watching Rambo movies and was always interested in fighting for the military.

After high school, Robbie enlisted into the army in 2004. A big water polo player as well, he made the ultimate decision to join the military instead of pursuing the sport and a full ride scholarship to the University of Southern California.