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For Eduardo Aguirre, it all started outside of his comfort zone

Eduardo, 22, moved to the United States from Mexico when he was seven and his brother was six. His parents were whippersnappers themselves, having him when they were 16 and 17-years-old. In Mexico, his father was a shepherd and his mother was helping raise her other siblings.

When he was three, Eduardo’s father moved to New York to work and send money back to the family to build a house. Three years later, the family decided to make the move to the U.S. permanently.

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Hand lettering artist, Rosemary Radford loves organic colors and passion

Rosemary Radford, 30, has been doing hand lettering since she was 12, but at the beginning of this year she started The Garden Key Collective, her own start up business venture with her craft.

In the past, she said she did hand lettering in her spare time, but this year Rosemary, who works from her home studio in East Nashville, said she’s made it a pursuit to hopefully do it full time.

“I was first introduced to lettering through a collection of books that my mom purchased for me when I was starting middle school,” she said. “Every free moment I had I would spend studying the intricate details of the letters and recreating them on paper.”

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Jay Kim: From New York to Nashville

Jay Kim, 32, is a filmmaker from New York, and a self-professed movie nerd, comic book nerd and sci-fi nerd.

“I worked in the film industry doing corporate stuff, which just means that I took a nice desk job to make big figures,” he said. Jay graduated from New York University in 2005 and worked as a freelance editor and shooter in New York City for about ten years.

Three years ago, he moved to Nashville to work with Every Nation, a Nashville based nondenominational worldwide church movement with a focus of discipleship.

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Eileen Wallach: A heart for community and a Heart On Art

There’s a little classroom and an art studio on the west side of Nashville that is doing a lot to bring healing to a hurting community.

Nearly four years ago, Eileen Wallach, 59, lost her husband, Rick Dewey, to suicide in August of 2011.

The next year, in March of 2012, she started Your Heart on Art, a 501c(3) non-profit organization that focuses on using art as a therapy technique to promote emotional healing for those living with grief, fear, pain, or stress.

A licensed social worker, Eileen has helped heal many wounds and helped form bonds and communities of people who share a traumatic experience.

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Judah & the Lion: From strangers to friends to bandmates

Three guys met at Belmont University in 2011 through friends of friends and started playing music together.

You had: Brian Macdonald from the suburbs of Chicago, Ill. playing the mandolin, Nate Zuercher from Colorado Springs, Colo. playing the banjo and lead vocalist and guitarist Judah Akers from Cookeville, Tenn.

“We met pretty randomly at college,” the band said in an email interview with Neat Nashville.

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Casey says children should create freely and with whimsy


In her senior year at Belmont, Casey Shackelford, 23, did an internship at an inner city elementary school in Nashville where many the students come from low-income families.

“One of the people I was working under told me 98 percent of the school had free or reduced lunch,” she said.

Casey described a moment that affected her greatly. She said noticed a girl in one of the classes with a talent for drawing.

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Frank Speight once chased the big city he now calls home

Frank Speight, 36, has been living in Nashville for the last 18 years. Fresh out of Goldsboro High School in North Carolina, Frank moved to Nashville to chase the big city life.

Upon arriving, Frank bounced around a few jobs before settling in at a subcontracted professional cleaning company that works in some of the big buildings downtown.

Three months ago, he left the cleaning company and joined the Goodwill team on Herman Street as a distribution associate.

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Sydni Gause, painter and urban-influenced sculptural artist

It’s natural light or nothing for sculptural artist and painter, Sydni Gause, whose Brentwood apartment dining room doubles as a studio.

Gause, 25, will be featured in an art show called RAW Nashville Presents, a local collective of artists to present their work ranging from photography to hair and makeup to fashion and music on Feb. 26 at Cannery Ballroom downtown at 7 p.m.

“It’s a platform for artist to show their work in multiple cities,” she said. “I’m excited for the opportunity to get to meet other artist and show my work.”